Bob & Stacey –

Big week for a change in the look of the house, as most of the upper roof trusses were set yesterday.  The Living Room trusses and the trusses over Bedrooms #1 and #2 were craned into place, blocked and braced.  The Living Room chimney chase was framed earlier in the week, so that the trusses that attach to it could be set also.  The floor and walls at Bedroom #3 are next, then those trusses will be set. Then the sub fascia running along the ends of the truss tails will be installed, and then the roof will be sheathed.  Everyone is looking forward to getting the roof on!  They will also be starting the Family Room north gable wall and roof next week.  The latest from Zola is we can expect window delivery in mid-March, which works out just right.  Should have some roof areas dried-in by then, and can start setting windows.  – – Dave

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