Bob & Stacey –

With the basement slab poured the framing crew has increased, and with good weather this week, lots of progress.  The two crawlspace areas are now framed and sheathed, and the structural walls in the basement are being framed, with some of the open web joists over the basement in place.  The spray foam went down in the garage on Monday, and the wire mesh was installed yesterday.  The hydronic tubing will be installed tomorrow, and then it will be pressured up over the weekend to test for leaks. The electricians were back this week to install some more conduit from the electrical service enclosure, under the garage slab, and into the crawlspace.  This will make it much easier to run the power from the service into the house.  We’ll pour the slab next Wed.  The framers will start framing the garage walls early next week on the Mudroom deck, and then set them after the slab is poured.  The roof trusses for the garage arrived today, so they will push to get that roof on and dried-in.  We should be seeing our first timber delivery next week.  We were expecting it this week, but pushed it back a week as we didn’t need them onsite yet.  Hershberger should be getting us the revised grading plan soon.  The excavator has dug both north retaining walls and is prepping them for the footings.  – – – Dave

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