Bob & Stacey –

The framing crew is concentrating on the reclaimed timbers and structural beams that will be carrying the 2nd floor deck framing.  One crew is working on the east terrace area, that will be supporting the 2nd floor under Bedroom 3, another crew is working on the timbers in the Dining Room/Entry/Bridge area.  A third crew is installing blocking, structural holdowns, and building wrap on the exterior.  The timber trusses are almost complete, just awaiting the turnbuckle assemblies from the powder coater to finish putting them together.  The soffit and fascia material is ready to ship, and will arrive onsite next week.  We now have all of the cabinet bids, and I’m preparing a spread sheet showing the room-by-room breakdowns for each cabinet maker.  The weather was good this week, getting some light snow today which is supposed to continue into early next week.  – – Dave

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