John & Marlene –

The insulator is installing the spray foam in the walls, and has moved to the east end of the 1st floor.  The upstairs walls are done, as is the Living Room/Dining/Sitting/Kitchen areas.  They should be done spraying by early next week, and then they will do the attic areas, and between floors.  The plumber is tying things together in the crawlspace, and the HVAC sub. is finishing up the ductwork in the Garage and Mechanical Room.  The carpenters have finished the decks, and will be working on the stairs off of the decks early next week.  They are also finishing off the interior of the Screened Porch, and we will see the windows & doors for that area next Wed., which will allow them to finish that area off.  We won’t be able to lock up the house until we get the interior door package, which will include the front entry door, and the Mud Room door.  Hope to see the interior elevations soon, so that we can get pricing on the cabinets.  The drywall sub. will start stocking drywall in about a week, so need to get the cabinets in production.  Sorry I don’t have more pictures this week, but they were spraying foam when I was onsite to take pictures today, and couldn’t really get into the house without a respirator!  – – – Dave

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