John & Marlene –

Another busy and productive week.   The carpenters are continuing on the exterior siding, and are also installing the soffits over the porches.  The masons are rolling on the stone veneer, and have started to set the capstone in some areas.  The electricians have most of the recessed cans, switches, and outlets set, and are ready for your walk-thru next week to go over the lighting and switching.  We poured the garage slab today, and also the pad for the AC units on the back of the house.  All the subs. are looking forward to the Mechanical Room being framed, so they can set equipment in there.  The roofers are almost done with the cedar shakes.  The heating crew will finally  install the radiant tubing on the main floor on Monday – it’s just been too busy in there for them to do their work!  Looking forward to seeing you next week.  I will warn you that the traffic through town, and particularly the Y-intersection is terrible.  Lots of road work, with delays.  You will likely hit the first of it at the new roundabout at the Gros Ventre Junction.  Good luck!     – – – Dave

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