John & Marlene –

We hit the mid-40’s a few times this week, so it looks like winter is headed out, and mud season is  here!  The framers have all of the roofs sheathed, and the ridge vents built.  They are starting to wrap the house in Tyvek (basically Gore-Tex for your house), in preparation for the window delivery in less than 2 weeks.  The exterior of the chimney chase is framed, along with the section above the roof.  The crew is also filling in “non-structural” framing on the interior of the house, and the flat soffit returns in areas of the roof that were “stick” framed (i.e., not factory made roof trusses).  The exterior cedar package is done at the pre-stainer, and should arrive onsite Monday.  The mason had a big shipment of stone delivered this week, and he will be ready to go as soon as the weather allows.  Look forward to seeing you next week!   – – – Dave

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