John & Marlene –

The foundation damp proofing was applied early this week (basically a liquid asphalt/tar that is heated up and then applied to the walls to keep moisture out of the concrete), followed by the mason stacking block on the footings to support the stone veneer.  The excavator started backfilling today, and got most of that taken care of.  He will install the radon mitigation piping in the crawlspace starting on Monday, which will then be covered by a moisture barrier, and then gravel.  The framing crew will then start on the first floor deck framing.  The well driller is set up, and should have the well done early next week.  That’s the advantage of building on the valley floor, you don’t have to go deep to find good water!  I’ve had 2 projects finish up in the last 3 weeks, so will get on your schedule next week.  I know that you are anxious to know when finishes need to be selected, so will get that to you as soon as possible.  We’re back and forth on the weather, supposed to be nice until later next week, when the next storm comes through.  That one is coming from the NW, so will drop temps. and snow.  Have a great weekend,  Dave

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