Bob & Stacey –

The 2nd floor framing and sheathing is almost complete, with the area at Bedroom #3 the only area remaining to be done.  We were waiting on a final timber delivery to be able to complete that area, and that delivery will be tomorrow.  They will also be bringing the timber trusses over from Idaho, but we will have them held in the yard in Star Valley until we are ready for them.  Nice to be able to walk from one end of the house to the other on the upper floor, and the views are even better upstairs!  Timbers and wall framing are next on the upper level, tying the two ends of the house together.  Pushing towards having roof trusses set over the Living Room for your visit in just over a month.  The tile sub. has the samples from Erica, and is searching for less expensive alternatives for most of them.  A few of the really unique tiles will have to remain with the specified manufacturer.  I’ve sent the revised lighting plan on to MLE, the electrical subcontractor, for pricing.  Lots of snow last weekend, and another 6″ on Tuesday.  – – –  Dave

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