Bob & Stacey –

The framing crew braved the elements this week, with strong winds early in the week, and steady snow today.  They retreated to the basement for wall framing early in the week, and today were up on the 2nd floor standing walls, and unloading a lot of material that showed up.  We received our 4th load of timbers, which contained the 14 x 14 posts for the Dining/Living Rm. area, which will allow the crew to frame the rest of the 2nd floor deck.  The steel fabricator delivered structural brackets and the architectural steel for the top and bottom of the columns on Tuesday, so looking forward to getting some of the structural timbers set.  The excavator is working on the foundation drain line and backfill around the north retaining walls, although the weather shut him down for a few days.  The reclaimed soffit material has been sent to the mill, to be milled to profile, and should be onsite in 3 weeks.  The upper roof truss shop drawings are in process, and should be onsite in 2-3 weeks.  The crew will be working tomorrow, and this storm is supposed to move out by early morning, and then it looks fairly nice through mid-next week.  – – – Dave

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