Bob & Stacey –

Monday saw the first floor deck sheathing completed, and the crew is now working on the first floor wall framing.  Backfill is progressing, along with prepping for the exterior piers.  We’ve received the revised grading plan, and Pete is now able to move dirt and place it in it’s final location, a big help.  The concrete crew will be back onsite early next week to start the north retaining wall footings and the exterior piers.  Tuesday the moment frames were set on the first floor.  The garage walls are framed, and they  are setting the roof trusses this afternoon.  Another load of timbers arrived this afternoon.  I’m reviewing the window shop drawings, hoping to place the order next week.  Awaiting some more samples on the exterior siding, fascia, and soffit material, and will also order that material next week.  Great weather this week, Monday is supposed to be wet, and then clear out.  – – – Dave

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