Ann –

The painters are finishing up in the basement this week, and will be done in the Master Suite early next week.  The electricians have been close behind, setting recessed light trims, switches, and outlets.  The appliances arrived this week, and we’re waiting to hear from Tri-C Appliance on the installation date for next week.  With the approval of the white Pental slab material for Baths 007 and 112, the tile will be finished up in those baths, and then grouted, by next week.  The countertop crew was back onsite today, setting the Powder Rooms tops, the countertop in the Laundry, the north countertop in the Kitchen, and installing backsplashes and drilling for faucets.  The stair treads will arrive on Monday, and Fates Flooring will be back next week to finish the area on the main level around the stairs, and the stairs themselves.  The stair railings, north deck radiused top cap on the railing, and the walnut slab frame will arrive on Thursday.  The hardscape prep. is ongoing, with the slab-on-grade terrace prep. work done, and Solid Masonry has started to form for the slabs.  The first  load of boulders arrived yesterday, and they should start being set next week.  The plumbers should be onsite tomorrow/Saturday to install the water meter, and hook-up the new waterline to the house plumbing.  The underground propane tank will arrive on Tuesday, and should go right into the ground.  – – – Dave

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