Ann –

The hardscape prep. work started this week, with Powers Excavation beginning at the retaining wall under the north deck, and working CW around the house.  Eric with PEI finished the prep. for the boulders at the Master Terrace today, and will be starting on the retaining wall at the driveway/parking area early next week.  We will need your input on Monday, if possible, on the west boulder retaining wall.  Several photos on this weeks update show the face of the boulder wall marked in orange paint.  If we don’t move the wall towards the east, we will lose 3 aspen trees.  The boulders are scheduled to arrive on Wednesday.  The Kitchen island was moved just over 2″ to align the sink with the range, and the crown molding on the entertainment center in the Den/Game Room has been re-installed, without the 1/8″ gap of the previous effort.  The interior railings are going in around the stairs, and we should have the sections going down the stairs ready next week to be installed.  The last railing section is installed on the deck, and that worked out very nicely.  Dan Wade has finished installing the exterior black sheet metal, and has really done a beautiful job.  The electricians are trimming out, and worked mostly on the exterior this week, installing sconces and outlets.  The countertop sub. has promised to finish all of the installation next week, the Powder Room sinks not being available on time really impacted his schedule, and ours.  The painters are finishing the basement, and working on the main level, and at least one painter (Joe!) will be working tomorrow.  Dan Feuz has touched up some of the sapwood pieces in the Master Hall and Closet, and once he matches the top seal coat, they will be unnoticeable.  Hope you will agree, and then we can have him hit the other spots.  When we uncover more of the floor, we can look at the light boards that you want darkened.  The plumbers will be back next week to finish the new waterline tie-in, and hopefully start to hook-up fixtures.  The appliances will arrive on Thursday, as we can’t start installation until the following week, so asked them to move the delivery back from Monday.  – – -Dave

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