Ann –

The painters are continuing with finishing on the main level, lacquering the interior doors, staining the beam wraps, and painting trim.  They will be finishing the ceiling in the Den/Game Room in the basement, and the last few walls in that area.  The finish carpenters are mostly done, and will be finishing up the baseboard on the main level early next week, along with installing doors and door hardware.  The interior and exterior railings installation started this week, with the fabricator coming back next week to finish up.  The electricians have started installing the ext. sconces, and will be trimming out in the basement, and in areas of the main level that are ready, next.  The plumbers should be back onsite early next week with the parts they need to tie-in the new waterline to the house, and start trim-out in some of the baths.  The countertop crew is due to return today with the shower pieces and window sills that we have been waiting for, and hopefully the rest of the tops and backsplashes.   The excavator has moved equipment onsite, and will start the hardscape work next week, once we dry out!  Weather looks perfect next week, let’s hope it holds.   Mountainscapes knows we are starting the hardscape work, and will be bringing the trees over next week (hopefully!) that will be planted on the north side of the house, with your direction.   Will let you know their schedule as soon as they let me know.  Dan Wade measured for the rest of the exterior sheet metal yesterday, and will be back next week to install.  – – – Dave


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