Ann –

The interior trim is complete, except for some baseboard in a few areas that will be getting the radiant floor baseboards.  The crown molding is finished in the Entry Powder Room, and the hydronic manifold covers are being made and should be onsite by Monday, ready for the painters.  The painters are working on finishing the interior doors, and painting on the main level.  They are also starting on painting the steel beams in the basement.  The last of the drywall patches are almost done, and we will fix that protruding beam end in the Master Hall Closet tomorrow, and have them patch that area, also.  Countertops are continuing to go in, and we should have them all installed next week.  They templated for the Garage top today, and should have that back next week, and be able to template for the Kitchen range backsplash.  The Alchemy Studio crew had truck trouble today, and will be onsite tomorrow with the Kitchen hood and cabinet steel.  The Mud Room steel will be installed next week.  The appliance delivery has been moved to 6/1, as we don’t have the water turned on yet, there is no gas to the house, and the countertops are not finished, so the Monday deliver next week for the appliances was too soon.  The tile crew will be back on Monday to finish the Master Bath, and will have the pieces they need from the countertop sub. early next week to finish all of the other baths.  A lot of site clean-up this week, getting ready for the start of the hardscape work next week.  – – – Dave

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