Ann –

The cabinet installers have finished the Kitchen cabinet installation, are mostly done with the Pantry, have the main parts of the Office set, and should be finishing up with everything but the Garage next week.  They left early this week due to the earthquake in SLC, and are planning on being back onsite Monday.  The interior trim carpenters are done setting doors on the main level, and are returning to the basement to run baseboard.  Of our 3 interior trim carpenters, one has been out all week, and the other has missed the last 2 days.  The exterior finish carpenters have finished the framing on the north deck, and have been working on the last of the siding, and the plywood backing for the metal accents around the windows.  The roofers started on Monday, and are working above the Office/Kitchen/Living area at the moment.  The steel fabricator was out yesterday, and welded down all of the deck hangers on the radiused steel beam, and measured for the chimney cap shroud.  Also took measurements for the exterior railing attachments, and will be back to install those and measure for the railing segments next week.  The tile installers are working on the main level baths, starting with Henry’s and the Master Bath.  If we get a stretch of clear weather today, Jeff Morris will deliver and install the Living Room fireplace surround.  Not looking too promising at the moment, as it’s pretty grey, with snow in the forecast this afternoon (and every day through next Wed.!).  The painter will be starting Monday on the Master Bedroom beam wraps, now that the stain has been selected.  The drywall crew will be back on Monday to start hanging drywall in the Garage, and to patch numerous areas.  We have a cleaning crew scheduled to vacuum the entire house this weekend.   – – – Dave

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