The cabinet installers are finishing up in the Pantry, and will have to come back in a week to install the garage cabinets.  The drywall has been hung in the garage, and they will start taping and finishing on Monday.  They have also been working on the numerous patches due to plumbing hook-ups for tubs, and moving electrical boxes/lights.  The tile crew are working in the Master Bath, Henry’s Bath, and the Office Bath.  The painters have stained the beam wraps in the Master Bedroom, and now that the stain and sealer are approved, they will start pre-finishing the beam wraps that can be installed in one piece.  The longer beam wraps, that require two pieces to be joined together, will be finished in place.  This allows the carpenters some latitude in joining the pieces together to get a tight joint.  The painters have also been working on painting the trim in the Master wing, and in the basement in some areas.  The interior trim carpenters are working on finishing the baseboard trim in the basement, and trim on the main level.  The fire place facade is installed in the Living Room, and Jeff set the wood box under the hearth extension today.  The masons will start the stone veneer on the fireplace tomorrow, right after the ceiling boards are re-installed in that area.  The roofers are working on the standing seam metal roofing.  – – – Dave

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