Ann –

The drywall is progressing nicely, now that we seem to be keeping our workers onsite!  They have finished hanging the main level, and are hanging the basement areas that were formerly barn wood, and then will move to the Garage.  The drywall finishers are starting in the Office and Kitchen areas, and will have them done by Monday, so that the finish carpenters can get started in the Office with the barn wood ceiling.  We will then close off those areas from the rest of the house to keep the dust away from the drywall finishers as they finish the rest of the main level.  The painters have cleaned the floors in both Mechanical Rooms, and will put the Radon Sealer Plus on tomorrow.  Then, both the forced air and radiant floor crews can come back next week and start setting their equipment.  The masons have finished up the basement fireplace, and made the changes you requested to the stone veneer.  The framing package for the deck is onsite, along with the custom flashings, so that work will start next week.  Some of the interior doors showed up yesterday, and the rest will be arriving tomorrow, along with some samples of the oak on the doors, for stain samples.  The tubs for the kid’s baths should be arriving tomorrow or Monday.  We should also have the chimney fans installed by next week.  – – – Dave

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