Ann –

The masons finished up the chimney stone work, and have set up and are starting on the retaining wall.  They also installed the missing fire brick on the sides of both fireplaces, and I let Jeff Morris know he can come back to measure for the fireplace doors/surround.  The HVAC crew has installed their thermostat wires, and are finishing up the forced air ductwork on the main level.  The insulators insulated the basement, both the spray foam in the exterior walls, and the fiberglass and rock wool on the interior walls.  The basement ceiling was also insulated, but some of that was removed today to run the phone lines.  The insulators will be back tomorrow to reinstall.  The snow today kept the drywall delivery from happening, so they will be stocking the basement on Monday morning, and will start hanging on Monday, also.  The electricians are pushing to get the main floor inspected early next week, and then we can insulate the rest of the house.  Alarmlogix will also be out to add the keypad in the Master Bedroom.  The beam wrap material is on order, and they will pickup the sample that Adam & Corinne brought out, to match the texture of the wire brush/nylon brush texture.  – – – Dave

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