Ann –

The carpenters finished the soffit this week, and have been finishing up the pocket door framing and recesses for the medicine cabinets.  The roofers are onsite, and have installed the membrane on the garage roof, and will be working on the flat entry roof tomorrow.  The floor heat crew from Synergy have finished installing manifolds and tying all of the floor heat tubing to the manifolds.  All of the lines have 100psi on them, and we will be monitoring them as work continues.  All they have left to do on the floor heat is install thermostats, and set the boilers once the Mechanical Room is drywalled.  The forced air crew is making up ductwork, and should be back soon to install.  The electricians are ready for inspection, and as you know, we just need to get the water shut off so that we can move the old main line away from their panels in the Mechanical Room.  We will find the curb stop tomorrow!  The masons are set up, and will start installing rock on the chimney tomorrow.  – – Dave

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