Ann –

The carpenters have one more window to set in the basement, and then the last remaining opening to fill is the front door.  The last of the foundation was poured late last week, so the carpenters were able to finish the floor and wall framing on the north side of the Kitchen, and set the window and deck door in that area.  They will be back on soffit around the chimney tomorrow, pocket door kit installation, and pick-up framing.  They framed in the opening at the back of the garage that was previously going to be a door.  Lower Valley Energy set the transformer today, and energized our electrical service, so now we have enough power to turn on the electric furnace for heat.  The electricians will be ready for their electrical inspection early next week, then we can schedule our framing inspection, and start insulating the exterior walls later in the week.  I have a cleaning crew coming tomorrow morning to vacuum the entire basement, in preparation for insulation.  They will also clean upstairs, as best as they can around the subs.  The excavator is working on the rough grading around the house, establishing drainage away from the house, and leveling out the driveway areas in front of the house.  The mason is setting up scaffolding and tenting, getting ready to start the chimney stone, and then the north retaining wall.  The HVAC crew is done installing radiant floor tubing, and is setting manifolds, running thermostat wires, and will be done with their rough-in next week.  The plumber passed inspection, and is moving the vanity rough-in in the Master Bath to the new layout on the cabinet plans, and running the radon piping up through the roof.  The company that supplied the beam wrap sample is working on another to knock down the slight green cast of the first sample.  I have 2 other companies pricing them also.  The wood flooring is ordered, the cabinets are ordered, and I need to order the interior doors next week.   – – – Dave


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