Ann –

The carpenters are almost done putting down the Warmboard, and we should know tomorrow if we need to order more for the Mud Room, to add floor heat under the open cabinets.  Fascia is continuing to be installed, and we should be seeing the grey stainless steel screws early next week to replace the bright stainless ones.  The mason grouted the chimney today, and it took 5 yards of grout, so he feels like they got most of the cells filled, right to the basement.  They also grouted the stone ledge on the deck retaining wall.  The power has been run from the service to the panels in the Mechanical Room, and that trench has been backfilled.  The excavator has finished the leach field, and is working on grading around the house, to make sure we have good drainage before winter sets in.  Alarm Logix started roughing in the security system today.  The spray foam insulation under the garage slab went in today, so we will next be installing the wire mesh, and then the hydronic tubing for the floor heat will be tied to the mesh, and then the slab will be poured.  The front porch is prepped, and ready for forming of the 2 sets of stairs, and then that can be poured.  – – – Dave

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