Ann –

The carpenters worked on starting the fascia this week, and installing the Warmboard.  They have been repairing the subfloor ahead of their Warmboard installation, and will be moving into the Living area next week.  The steel for the north deck was installed, and as soon as the last section of foundation wall gets poured at the north end of the crawlspace, we will be able to install the deck ledger on the house, and frame the deck.  We will wait until spring to install the IPE decking.  The roofer dried-in the roof, and as soon as the fascia is installed, the standing seam metal roofing will be installed.  The electricians are working on the tie-in from the electrical service to the electrical panels in the Mechanical Room.  The excavator will be back tomorrow to widen the trench at the house a few feet, so they can run the last conduits through the foundation wall.  The concrete cutter (and grinder!) core drilled for the electrical conduit, and also cut the chimney cap so that we can grout the cinder block (CMU) chimney.  He is also grinding the high spots on the basement slab, and will finish this work tomorrow.  The ungrouted chimney is one of those items that was not planned for – we’ve never seen a chimney that was not at least partially grouted!  Option One Plumbing will be out with their metal detector to locate the curbstop for the waterline tomorrow or Monday – they were waiting on a part for it.  The siding and soffit are due to arrive early next week.  The mason laid-up a stone veneer sample, which was approved, with comments.  We will want to review their work as they get going, to make sure you get what you want.  – – – Dave

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