Ann –

The carpenters are finishing up int. framing details, and repairing the subfloor on the main level, ahead of starting the Warmboard-R installation.  They have finished framing in the floor and walls at the SW corner of the Kitchen/Office, now that the crawlspace wall below has been poured.  The fascia material arrived this week, and they have started installing that.  The Warmboard-R is also onsite.  The first load of stone veneer arrived yesterday, and is stored on the hillside to the west of the garage (inside the fence, of course).  I reviewed the chimney top with Lane from Heritage Heating this week, and we came up with a plan to connect the double flues coming up from each fireplace, so that one fan will service each of the fireplaces (total of 2 fans). They have been making up ductwork in their shop, and as soon as the house is dried-in by the roofer, they will start installing.   Hatten Electric continues with their rough-in, and will be hooking up some temp. heaters soon, to warm up the house a bit.  It’s not supposed to be this cold yet!  The excavator is back onsite, backfilling around the retaining wall at the north deck, and backfilling at the south end of the crawlspace.  He will trench for the power going from the service to the Mechanical Room on Monday, and then the electrician will run his conduit, pull wires, and heat-up the sub-panels in the Mechanical Room.  The mason has left some terrace sample stone in the Office, and we can review them early next week.  The steel for the north deck will be installed next Tuesday.  – – – Dave

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