Ann –

Happy New Year to all!  Most of the crews kept working through and around the holidays, so progress was made over the last 2 weeks.  The basement is drywalled, taped and finished, ready for paint.  The insulator is working on the main level, and sprayed the Office, Kitchen, and Dining Room today, while others of their crew scraped and cleaned areas already sprayed.  The masons are back onsite, and working on the stone veneer on the north retaining wall.  Jeff Morris will have the basement fireplace door frame installed later next week, and then the masons will install the stone around that fireplace.  The carpenters installed the soffit above the Kitchen cabinets, the plywood backing for the barn wood in the Den/Game Room, and are outside installing siding and trim.  The roofer will be back next week to finish the rubber membrane roof at the Entry Porch, and as soon as the chimney fans are installed, they will start the standing seam metal roofing.  We’ve got a painter ready to go in the basement, and they will start in the next week or so.   – – – Dave

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