Ann –

The spray foam insulation finished up this week, and the sound batt insulation will be installed today.  They should get most of it installed today, and will work Saturday to finish up.  We have an insulation inspection scheduled for Monday morning.  The drywall for the main level will be stocked on Monday morning, and they will start hanging Monday afternoon.  The painter starts today priming the drywall on the lower level.  Jeff Morris installed the basement fireplace door frame, and is working on the design of the Great Room fireplace facade.  The carpenters are working on the ext. siding, and punch list framing on the main level ahead of the drywall.  The masons are installing the stone veneer on the retaining wall, and will also be filling in the void between footings/wall where the retaining wall meets the original foundation at the Den/Game Room.  The roofer is scheduled to finish up the rubber membrane on the flat Entry Porch roof in the next few days.  Both the brown and the grey barn wood are scheduled to arrive in the next 2 weeks, and the wire-brushed hemlock beam wraps are in production.  The front entry door is scheduled to arrive at the end of this month.  The interior doors are in production, and should also be arriving the last week of January.  – – – Dave

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