Ann –

Finally got the drywall delivered this afternoon, and the hangers will start tomorrow.  The painter has the paint schedule, and is putting the first coat of paint over the primed drywall in the basement.  The masons are finishing up the retaining wall stone veneer in the area that they have tented (75% of the wall), and will be moving the tent and setting up over the last section.  After that is done, they will move to the basement fireplace veneer.  The insulators came back yesterday afternoon, and put rock wool sound batts along the attic area above the hallway wall on the main level, to better isolate Henry’s and your bedrooms from living area noise.  The carpenters have been working on the exterior siding, and installing the false beam ends on the west wall of the Powder 105/Pantry area.  The grey barn wood arrived this week, and we are still searching for the brown barn wood, and hope to get that ordered early next week.  – – – Dave

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