Bob & Stacey –

The carpenters are continuing with the fascia, soffit, and siding on the exterior, and started this week on the interior timber installation.  Masons are now moved back to the front of the house, as the front retaining walls are all backfilled, and they can set up again.  The added back retaining wall is backfilled, with drain mat and perimeter drain installed on both sides.  All the trades are roughing-in, so lots of blocking and alterations inside to make everything fit.  We passed framing and plumbing inspection on the upper level this week, and electrical last week.  We are holding off on the spray foam insulation until we can have the roofer dry-in the roof, which will hopefully happen late next week, if we can get the last of our fascia order early next week.  They want to do their dry-in when all of the fascia is installed, to get the best job.  We had to reject some of the fascia due to poor quality – a little too rough looking – and hope to have the replacement material on Monday.  Somewhat the nature of reclaimed material – there is no grading, so sometimes the quality gets worked out during the installation. We agreed on quality based on samples before ordering, now we are holding them to that level.  Hopefully worth the wait!  The first round of cabinet shops have been red-lined and sent back to Chris at Craftsman Kitchens, so we should have the second round to review with you next week, and some samples to look at.  See you then!   – – – Dave

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