Zimmerman 11/3/17

This week the trim carpenters installed the remaining stairs skirt and oak railing cap. They also finished installing door hardware in the basement. Several of the appliances were installed, including the kitchen range, beverage cooler, ice maker, and grill liner. The safe arrived and was installed in the office cabinet. The electricians continue to trim out lights, switches and receptacles throughout the house, and are also working on wiring the rest of the heating system, and the low voltage panels. Boreal was on site during the nicer days to work on the drip edging around the front and east side of the house. They will return when the ground thaws out a bit – hopefully next week. HVAC and plumbers continue to work on trim out where they can, and the painters have finished all stain and lacquer in the great room, and plan to finish up the bulk of the remaining painting by end of next week.





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