Zimmerman 1/12/17

Some reports say 54″ of snow has fallen this week. Monday was warm with high winds and rain, resulting in avalanches all over Teton County and forcing closures of all roads in and out of the valley. Tuesday and Wednesday we had more snow and wind, and today is finally 20° and sunny out. With limited time on site this week the crew has continued to focus on window install, and got the exercise room door installed in preparation for securing the east wing of the house and spraying 1″ of foam insulation. The framers have also been working on final truss bracing, simpson ties, and other key components that will allow us to pass preliminary framing inspection. VP Electric has been back on site trying up some loose ends on the ARU, including telephone line, and making up the electrical panel. Snow management is ongoing, but we seem to finally be on top of it (until the next storm anyway!).



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