Morse 8-20-15

Bob & Stacey-
This week the steel columns and beams in the basement were erected. The steel fabricator was onsite Monday with the crane – they welded the steel on site and then lifted it in to place. While this was happening, the newly poured foundation walls received a coat of waterproofing. Tuesday saw the masons installing the block ledge around the exterior of the foundation. They worked quickly and wrapped up yesterday. They will be back in a couple weeks to complete the grouting of the blocks. The drain mat that lines the foundation walls is being installed yesterday and today. The excavator has mobilized back on site in preparation for laying the foundation drain, and then backfilling, prepping the basement floor, the crawlspace floors, and the garage slab.

Additionally, the well drillers moved on site on Tuesday to begin drilling your well. They were still at it when I was at the site this morning. Next week will see a lot of work from the excavator. We are working on shop drawings for the trusses, and scheduling the next phase of foundation work, which includes the basement slab.

You can see just how hazy the valley is this week! Smoke from wildfires in Idaho and Montana have made for some very gloomy skies.

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