Bob & Stacey –

The second half of the foundation was poured on Tuesday, and they will finish stripping the forms by the end of today.  The first half of the foundation has been waterproofed, and that crew will be back on Monday to do the other half.  Then the mason will install the block stone ledge around the house where it’s called for, followed by the drain mat against the walls.  While that is taking place, the structural steel columns and beams will be set in the basement, and then the under slab prep. work will start, along with the crawlspace areas.  The well driller has moved his drill rig on site, and will likely start drilling tomorrow.  Framing material is being delivered to the site in preparation for the framing to start in a few weeks.  I’ll be on vacation for the next 2 weeks, but in touch.  Lindsey and Steve will be grabbing the reins.

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