Bob & Stacey –

The last two rooms to be framed, the Family Room and Bedroom #3, are underway.  They are setting roof trusses over Bedroom #3 this afternoon, and should have it sheathed and dried-in tomorrow.  The gable wall on the north end of the Family Room is framed, and they will be setting the ridge beam and rafters there shortly.  Interior wall framing is continuing on the upper level.  The timbers in front of the Garage are going in, and the timber rafters outside of the Guest Master are also being finished up.  The fascia material was supposed to arrive this week, but problems with a delivery truck have pushed it to next week, which is fine as the crew has other work.  The window delivery is now looking like the week of 3/21.  We’re still in a thaw, so it’s starting to look like an early spring.  Hope so, as it would help us get started on the hardscape earlier than planned. – – Dave

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