Bob & Stacey –

The Guest Master Suite is now framed, and the roof sheathed.  Part of the crew is working on the other end of the house, finishing the wall framing at Bedroom #4, and setting the roof trusses.  Timber rafter tails are being installed, and timber columns and beams are being prepped for install for Bedroom #3, where it overhangs the terrace.  The concrete crew is back onsite to pour the Family Room/Terrace fireplace slab.  Once that is poured, we will be able to frame the gable end wall of the Family room and frame the roof.  The trusses for above Bedrooms #1 – #3 were delivered today.  The timber trusses are in production at the shop in Idaho, and the steel fabricator is making the turnbuckle assemblies for the bottom chord of the trusses.  Helius is still working on the revised lighting plan, and we hope to have it soon so we can see where that puts the electrical budget.  As you can see in the attached photos, we’re getting some snow.  It was in the mid-40’s earlier this week, and we were back down to mud at the site, but looks like we’re back to winter for the near future.    – – – Dave

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