Bob & Stacey –

Enjoyed our productive meetings this week, and look forward to seeing you again in December.  The framing crew framed and sheathed the 2nd floor deck at the Master Suite, started the trusses over the Guest Suite, and continued with some of the 1st floor walls.  Today the snow chased them into the garage, where they are framing interior walls, sheathing the floor in the attic storage area, and wrapping the outside in Tyvek (like Goretex for your house) and Titanium (heavier wrap at the stone veneer areas).  What a difference a little elevation makes – there was a dusting of snow when I turned off of Fall Creek Road onto Lazy H Road, and 3″ at the site.  Supposed to hit 40 for a high the next 3 days, so will be back to mud on Monday.  The excavator worked on backfill at the front of the house, and a bit of grading in front of the garage.  They were shutout today due to the snow.  They will be back on Monday to finish the backfill, and dig for the front entry piers and the lowest retaining walls in front of the stairwell windows.  I’ve asked Modern Lighting & Electric to give us an estimate for a generator.  We’ve done 5 or 6 back-up generators over the years, and I’ve never followed up with the owners to see if they thought it was worth the investment.  You may want to ask Randy Barker for his opinion, as we installed one at their house.  Location is always an issue, along with the initial cost and maintenance.  We would likely need to upsize the propane tank, or add another one.  I’m awaiting pricing from Zola on the Zolini hardware, and will forward the A/V proposal to you as I receive them.  – – – Dave

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