Bob & Stacey –

The first floor deck framing is almost complete, with the last few joists going in, and the Warmboard sheathing to continue tomorrow.  A few exterior walls are up in the Guest Master Suite, and by the end of the day Saturday there should be more walls stood up.  The garage slab was poured on Wednesday, and they cut the control joints today.  The steel fabricator was onsite today, setting some of the weld down columns on the first floor.  He will be back later next week to set the three moment frames, after the deck is sheathed.  The excavator has finished the prep. work for the back two retaining walls, and is continuing with the backfill around the north side of the house.  He’s placing the wash rock over the perimeter drain pipe, and will continue on up the walls once the floor is sheathed.  Even though the walls are well cured by now, the structural engineer requires the floor to be sheathed before the backfill is brought all the way up the walls.  The first load of timbers arrived this afternoon, but I had to meet with Gabriel and Florian from Zola windows, so didn’t have a chance to look them over.  I’ll get some pictures of them to you on Monday, as I’m sure you are as anxious to see them as I am. Most of the pictures you see this week were taken today during lunch, which is why the site looks so quiet!  The crew is working tomorrow and Saturday.   – – – Dave

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