Bob & Stacey –

The main floor wall framing and sheathing is continuing, with most of the 10′ high structural walls now framed.  Most of the 2nd floor deck package is onsite, and when the glulams arrive next week, they will start framing the 2nd floor deck, and tying the tall walls on the main floor into the deck.  The footings for the 2 north retaining walls were poured on Tuesday, and the concrete crew is forming the walls.  The pier footings were also poured, and they are forming the piers now also.  They were going to pour the piers this afternoon, but too wet (snow this morning, then rain this afternoon), so will try to pour them tomorrow, possibly with the retaining walls.  Access for the concrete pump truck is an issue, as we can’t reach the far piers and the ends of the retaining walls from the front of the house, and driving around the house is questionable with the wet conditions.  Hoping for a break tomorrow, but may have to wait until next week on that pour.  The rest of the lower roof trusses will be delivered late next week.  The window order is complete, except for the selection of the interior color.  We should have Zola’s samples next week, for review by you the following week when you are here.  – – – Dave

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