John & Marlene –

We hit 60º on Sunday, a record for that day.  Cooled down this week, but mostly clear, so great building weather for this time of year.  The first floor deck is framed and sheathed, and the walls are laid out, bottom plates nailed down, and walls are going up.  They stood the first one today, and there should be quite a few more by the time you arrive on Tuesday.  The excavator has trenched for the power, and LVE will install the conduit to the transformer tomorrow, and we should be on temporary power by early next week.  I know the crew will be glad to turn off the generator.  The excavator also backfilled the deck piers.  The mason grouted all of the block stone ledge yesterday.  The roof trusses are ordered, along with the 2nd floor deck package.  The schedule keeps getting put on the back burner while I’m getting caught up on ordering material, but plan on having it together for your visit, so we can go over upcoming decisions on your part.  Have a great weekend, and we’ll see you next week.   – – – Dave

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