Marino Farrell 8/16/18

Slightly cooler temperatures this week, which has been great for the return of the framing crew. The excavator was there Monday to finish rough grading around the house, backfill the deck piers, and dig up the well for Weber to install the valve attachment for the waterline. Weber finished that up Thursday and should be back next week to install the pump. Two large trucks arrived Tuesday with delivery of the roof framing package, the deck framing package, and the roof sheathing. A small crew worked on layout and prep, and Wednesday morning the crane arrived for truss install. A crew of 6 got all trusses and blocking installed by the end of the day. They are working today and tomorrow on the remaining wall sheeting, and starting the hand-framed roof. The windows have been ordered, and we expect them to be ready for delivery in 4 weeks. We’re working hard on preparing samples for the remaining siding, cabinets and flooring, and actively working with subs on pricing (and value engineering) cabinets, countertops, and appliances.

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