Ann –

The steel beam that allowed for the north wall of the Master Bedroom to move to the north was installed Monday, along with the steel beam that will carry the roof framing over the expansion into the wedge shaped area between the Master Bedroom and the Garage.  This now allows the framers to complete the Master wing framing.  The wall framing in the basement is continuing, and should be completed next week.  The framers removed the siding from the Garage, and are continuing with the demolition of the roof over the living area.  The excavators were back on site this week, and got the breezeway excavated for the crawlspace/floor framing, and will hopefully be able to work on the new garage excavation next week.  We are going to keep the ground plastic over that area through the weekend, as it’s looking pretty wet through Saturday.  The concrete cutter was onsite today, and cut the new door opening into the basement Powder Room, and will cut the slab in that room for the toilet and vanity move.  They also have windows to cut, and some cutting at the Garage.  – – – Dave

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