Ann –

The carpenters finished framing the stairs this week, and today set the large Glulam beam into the ceiling above the Master Closet and Bedroom 112.  The shoring up of the basement wall between the Game Room and Mechanical/Storage 103 was completed yesterday when the concrete was poured.  The concrete slab was cut yesterday in the old garage, so that we can begin to rough-in the plumbing, electrical, and hydronic lines that need to cross this space to the basement.  The excavator was onsite this week, and started on backfilling the Master Bedroom wing.  They’ve been having a tough time getting the moisture content low enough to compact the soil properly, and were holding off today due to the rain we had this morning.  The forecast for the next week does not look good for their work.  I do have Macy’s scheduled to camera the sewer line out to the leach field, so we can locate it and determine the best location for the new field.  Lynn Hatten is ordering the new electrical service equipment that mounts to the outside of the house.    – – – Dave

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