Zimmerman 5/25/17

Nice weather all week. The siding crew finished installing and trimming the gable end vents, and have moved on to the ARU. The interior door trim at the ARU is mostly wrapped up – the front door is installed, and they will trim the windows next. The plumber finished all the shower valves in the guest wing, and the showers are all prepped and ready for wall tile next week. The painters completed primer, 2 coats on ceilings, and 1 coat on walls throughout the guest wing, and will be back next to stain and lacquer the doors and trim at the guest house. The insulators finished the spray foam on the rest of the main floor, and the insulation inspection is scheduled for Tuesday. Garage sheetrock was delivered yesterday and they will finish hanging the garage by end of day tomorrow. The floor sleepers are all finished and the hydronic tubing will be installed starting Monday. The masons are prepping the stone areas on the outside of the house, and will start to lay stone around the office and master bathroom on Monday.



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