Stacey & Bob –

Very warm week, from what we’ve had, with a few strong afternoon thunderstorms.  The framers have been installing fascia, exterior timber headers over windows and doors, exterior timber window sills on the upper windows, and “wall straightening” on the interior.  The wall straightening involves checking all of the studs for straightness, and replacing any that have twisted or bowed after installation.  Standard (good!) procedure, and one that alleviates headaches down the road.  They have also been up on the roof, building the crickets and curbs around the chimneys.  The crickets are small, tent-shaped sections of roof that shed water around the chimneys, and the curbs are run around the base of the chimneys after the crickets are framed. Roof flashing is installed over the curb, followed by the stone veneer on the chimney, and then the roofing.  The electricians have been hitting it hard, with up to 6 workers installing recessed cans, boxes for pendants and chandeliers, and switches, etc.  They have started to pull wire, and will be installing the electrical service soon in the exterior closet on the back of the garage.  The masons are continuing with the exterior stone veneer.  Rest of the subs. are continuing with rough-in, and the concrete crew will be back onsite later next week to start the retaining walls.  The door manufacturer and the flooring supplier have been notified, and are placing orders for material.  Trim will be ordered soon.   – – Dave

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