Bob & Stacey –

As you could tell, this week was a battle against the cold snap we’re experiencing, and it was a draw.  The framing crew worked two days, and called it on two days.  They were productive, as they were able to prep all of the rafters for the Master Bedroom roof in the Garage, and also fabricate and install timbers in the Garage for the Living Room/Dining Room area, and the East Terrace roof.  There was also quite a bit of snow removal this week, digging out from last week’s snow.  We have gotten a few more bids back on the interior finish areas, and will be updating you on that next week, when we should have most of the bids back.  Sounds like we will be seeing the revised lighting plan from Helius next week, so will have Modern Lighting & Electric price the changes.  I have been working on updating the schedule and will get you a copy of that next week.  The low temp. tonight is supposed to be -22F in town, colder in the low lying areas along the rivers and creeks.  Nice to see that you are finally getting a little winter in the East!  – – – Dave

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