Ann –

The interior trim carpenters have installed all of the rafter timbers in the Kitchen and Dining Room area, and then taken them down while they wait for the ridge beam wrap to be corrected – it was sent 1/2″ short in height.  The carpenters have moved on to the Living Room, and have installed most of the barn wood on the ceiling, and are working on the beam wraps over the east windows.  When the pocket doors show up on Tuesday morning next week, they will be able to finish off the doors in the basement, and complete the trim downstairs.  The painters have started the primer and first coat on the drywall on the main level.  They will have the Master wing and Henry’s bedroom done by Monday, and then will move to the Kitchen/Dining area.  The forced air heating crew is working on setting their equipment in the main Mechanical Room, and tying in the trunk lines to the furnace.  The draft inducing fans were finally installed this week, and we will be working on the chimney cap and shroud, ahead of the roofers, who should be starting in a few weeks (really).  The plumbers set the two tubs in the basement, and are installing the rough-in valves at the tub/showers.  We will be getting more cabinets later next week, the Kitchen and Master Closet, and whatever else they can fit on that load.  Jeff Morris has the fireplace facade ready to install, so we will be clearing space for him to start his work next week.  The exterior finish crew will be back mid-next week, to install the last few pieces of fascia, and start on the siding at the front entry.   – – – Dave

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