John & Marlene –

2018 is here, and the dry weather continues, which is great for building, but not skiing!  The framing crew is back onsite this week, after taking the week off between Christmas and New Year’s.  They are working on the timbers, and the 2nd floor deck framing and sheathing.  The material for the 2nd floor walls is ordered, and will be delivered next week.  We should be starting to set roof trusses in 2-3 weeks, hopefully while you are here.  I’m reviewing the window quote, and hope to order them soon.  I will be dropping off the color samples for the exterior of the windows today at the architects.  Hope to get a decision on that soon, and on the interior window hardware, so that I can place the order.  Hope you survived the (first?) blizzard of 2018.  Send the next one our way!  – – – Dave

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